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27/01/2016 8:43 am  

You forum covers most categories/evolution of the Indian without any category for the Kings Mountain bikes that succeeded the Gilchrist, Cal. era bikes.  The name was purchased by a venture capital firm in London run by Steve Julius..  This venture capital firm specialized in purchasing, updating and marketing established brands like Chris Craft and other high profile companies to invest a large amount in whatever venture he chose.  Once rights were purchased, over 2 years were spent in research/development funded thru Steve Julius.  

The new venture was created to build an very upscale bike with new engineering, motor design and quality components appealing to riders with enough disposable income to purchase a hand assembled bike (similar to the Vincent story).  Julius was obsessive in his standards for excellence with each bike hand assembled and signed by the builder.  Under 1000 originals were completed between production and the economic collapse of 2008.  At $30k and more, it was an extravagance that would be difficult to justify or afford.  Consequently Polaris came in to create a mass produced bike originally using Kings Mountain parts inventory including engines (since they had not developed a suitable replacement).  

Like the Vincent, replacement parts vanished or were dumped by Polaris.  There is little mention of this production model and Polaris decided to provide no ongoing support.  

I'd be interested in your experience with this bike, you knowledge of its history and its performance/value over time.  I have an '09 Chief Vintage with under 1100 mi. that is fully equipped.  Its sale price was $37,500 in 2009.  What attracted me to the bike was its production #11 and a title of 0034.