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1930's Modified Restored Indian Chief For Sale

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1930’s Restored Modified Indian Chief For Sale

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Ready to Race? This Indian Chief is your bike!

This bike was assembled and restored by master engine builder Doug Burnett. Doug used to work for Sammy Pierce and has learned all the tricks to max out the performance of this Indian Chief!

Some of the features and specs: (on pump gas)

  • dyno tested – 6,600rpms (max rpms 6,800)
  • 82 hp at rear wheel
  • 105.6hp at crank
  • 83 ft lbs tourque
  • Modified S&S Super B carb
  • 1938 frame near new condition
  • Custom narrow tanks – steel – all welded
  • Foot and hand clutch controls
  • 285 amp battery
  • Battery ignition – no electrical system
  • 1.5lb pressure fuel pump
  • Std bore – Std stroke
  • Ready for all gas and fuel competition requirements
  • Top of the line tachometer
  • Top speed – over 150mph with 29t sprocket
  • Top speed – almost 160mph with 30t sprocket
  • 3-speed transmission = 124mph 2nd gear (28t sprocket)
  • 3-speed transmission = 147mph 3rd gear (28t sprocket)

For More Details call Doug