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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Forged: Indian Scout | Roland Sands Design | Part 1


The FORGED custom series returns. Three world-renowned builders will be chopping and fabricating on and around the all-new #IndianScout platform, with each build rooted in a historical figure, machine, or era of inspiration taken from Scout’s storied 100+ year history. Hosting throughout this year’s series, and leading the first build, is the West Coast performance protege Roland Sands. The Roland Sands Design team with lead fabricator Aaron Boss have been inspired by Ed “Iron Man” Kretz, winner of the first-ever Daytona 200, to create a high-performance #SportScout racer.

“Crafting History: Ronna Norén Transforms the Indian Scout in Forged Series Episode 3”


Indian Motorcycle is extending its acclaimed Forged video series to Europe, featuring Ronna Norén from Unique Custom Cycles in Sweden in its third episode. Norén joins a trio of distinguished builders tasked with crafting bespoke bikes based on the new Indian Scout platform.

Stenegärd first encountered Norén in 1987, captivated by his groundbreaking builds showcased on motorcycle magazine covers, forever altering the landscape of custom motorcycles.

Renowned for his artisan approach, Norén’s creations typically begin with an engine as the centerpiece, around which each bike takes shape.

The inspiration for Norén’s latest project traces back to Stan Dishong, a visionary custom bike builder from the 1950s who foresaw the rise of choppers. Dishong’s legacy includes establishing Stan’s Cycle shop, pioneering parts manufacturing, and even influencing the development of drag bike tires.

Focusing on Dishong’s 1937 Indian Scout, Norén meticulously reworked the steel tube frame, elevating the front end and embodying a 1960s New York chopper aesthetic. The redesign includes extended forks, paired with a 21-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel. Norén also innovatively restructured the fuel tank, segmenting it into four parts, relocating the fuel pump, and seamlessly integrating it into the modified frame and air filter setup.

Presented by fellow builder Roland Sands, the Forged series underscores the integral role of customizers within Indian Motorcycle’s design and engineering ethos during the development of the new Indian Scout. Featuring a new steel tube frame and easily interchangeable metal bodywork, the Indian Scout provides a versatile canvas for creative expression.

The concluding episodes of the Forged video series will unveil the finalized builds, each drawing inspiration from historical figures, machines, or eras spanning the Scout’s illustrious century-long history. Subscribe to Indian Motorcycle’s YouTube channel to watch the latest episodes as they premiere