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Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Restoring Vintage Indians for Decades

Bob Stark loves vintage Indian motorcycles. He loves them so much, he will...

The 1941 Indian 841 Was A U.S. Army Commission For Desert...

A unique prototype. You wouldn't know it from its flamboyant appearance, a screaming yellow zonker bejeweled with leather and...


Indian History

Indians Forever – A Visit with Bob Stark

Here's "Bullet Bob" Stark urging the test Indian "80" past the Chrondeks at a terminal velocity of 81.08mph, 1609 ET. While the figures might not be impressive alongside times turned in by more modern "Superbikes," comparing the FFLH times (obtained at the same racetrack last November) with the Chief's tends to bear out the "Indians Forever" view.

A Trip down Memory Lane – Purchasing Antique Motorcycles

A Trip down Memory Lane - Purchasing Antique Motorcycles by Gary Stark


The 1953 Indian Motorcycle Advertisement

https://youtu.be/E22XKvzjX9M This is a great video to watch how quickly they were able to build an engine...

Starklite Cycle Behind the Scenes Part2

Starklite Cycle as shown on American Thunder. They interview Bob Stark about his dedication to keeping the Indian Motorcycle Brand alive for most of...