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Friday, May 27, 2022


Indians Forever – A Visit with Bob Stark

Here's "Bullet Bob" Stark urging the test Indian "80" past the Chrondeks at a terminal velocity of 81.08mph, 1609 ET. While the figures might not be impressive alongside times turned in by more modern "Superbikes," comparing the FFLH times (obtained at the same racetrack last November) with the Chief's tends to bear out the "Indians Forever" view.

Hail to the Indian Chief Motorcycle

This 1948 Indian Chief is one of the most important Indian motorcycles on the planet. There’s a good chance, many years from now, that history...


Indian History

Restoration of the Relics

History of Starklite Cycle Bob Stark looks up from his sweeping chores and smiles his recognition. "Hi, "...

1912 Indian Single hits the street after a silly start up...

  1912 Indian Single is a two-wheeler that Jay Leno just couldn’t pass up. In this episode he highlights the stock 1912 Indian Single and talks...


Jeff Grigsby talks about Indian Motorcycles

Jeff Grigsby talks about his love of Indian Motorcycles

The Worlds Fastest Indian Trailer

If you haven't watched the movie or trailer for awhile. Give it a look again and remind yourself how much fun this movie is...