Monday, March 1, 2021


New Indian Chief Model 346 “War-Time” Model

An improved and modernized Indian Chief has just been announced from Springfield. The new 74-model 346-is known as “War-time Model 3 Conversion”...

1904 Indian Camelback Sells at Auction

The 1904 Indian “Camelback” was put up for auction during the Cleon Graber estate sale. His son Linde, put in a bid of $100,000...


Indian History

The Return of the Iron Redskin

As we follow the travels of the latest Indian Revival, let's look back at the history of Indian Revivals, with this reprint from 1968.  ...

Crocker Motorcycle Company Resurrected- Quail Motorcycle Gathering

Crocker & Indian Shared a history - Let's read about the revival.... After nearly twelve years of hassles and legal setbacks, a brand-new Crocker Big-Twin...


The Remarkable 1948 Indian Chief To Restore or not to restore? That is the question of many Indian owners.

1933 Indian Four – Jay Leno

In 1901, bicycle racer and builder George Hendee teamed up with engineer Carl Oscar Hedstrom to build a 1.75 hp single cylinder motorcycle prototype...