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Air Cleaner Cover

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I noticed yesterday that the 111 cu in is not on my air cleaner cover, I was out on a ride with some IMRG members on a ride when we noticed it, my air cleaner cover has Indian Script on it, my bike is a 2014 Vintage, all the other bikes I have seen has the black 111 cu. in. on them, I queried the dealer about this and did not get an answer yet, is there another air cleaner cover from Indian that has just the script rather than the 111 on it? Is there a cover with 111 on it that has come off, and if so how did it come off without hitting me in the leg as I was riding, it is a stock air cleaner, cover same shape as all the others, parts page at does not show any detail of the cover, can somebody spread some light on this for me, I would appreciate it greatly, the dealer did not have an answer, he said he would make some calls and see if he could find out from Indian during the week, thank you and good riding to all,  D.